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High-Performance Construction Solutions with Enhanced Quality Standards

Metalspace Buildcon is driven by a mission to bring high-quality innovation into the construction sector and its state-of-the-art solutions designed and developed by cutting-edge procedures prove to be a valuable asset for the current urbanization wave. As a leader in its segment and the top ranked workers accommodation manufacturer in India, Metalspace Buildcon fosters a 100% focus on sustainable building development and helps save significantly in terms of construction costs and times as well. These purpose-built enclosers offer low cost housing solutions in India and in construction sites, can be a safe and convenient lodging infrastructure for labourers and staff as well. Developed as modular enclosures with prefabrication technology, these off-site prefab site accommodation buildings in India exceed client expectations at best and are a result of high-quality control standards in practise at our prefabrication factory in India.           

Developing these superlative quality worker housing sheds in India with the best amenities such as electrical fittings, make-shift furniture, bunk beds, sanitary fittings and ventilation equipment housing makes them highly desirable for a wide range of applications. Targeting greater heights in the construction industry with a strong focus on innovation, quality and unparalleled focus on sustainability, Metalspace Buildcon as the best prefabrication company in India leverages its unrivalled pedigree and a pioneering engineering excellence to pursue perpetual process refinement and the highest standards of client contentment. Our site accommodation sheds for workers in India offer safe and convenient lodging for labourers and prove to be the best cost-effective solutions to opt for. These enclosures meet stringent hygienic and sterility standards while being energy efficient at the core. As a prominent prefabricated worker shelters manufacturer in India, the importance Metalspace Buildcon places on customer relationships can never be overstated. Our philosophy is firmly rooted on building valuable partnerships and fostering unhindered trust to exceed client expectations every single time.         

Workers Accommodation Features

Combining the robust know-how of our dedicated engineers and buildings upon a true heritage of pioneering technology excellence, Metalspace Buildcon since its inception has evolved and progressed consistently to emerge as a preferred brand for avail of high-tech prefabricated housing enclosures in India. At Metalspace Buildcon, we measure success as the level of our client’s satisfaction from our deliverables and we practise an ultimate ethos of precision and sustainability across all projects we undertake. The top features of our prefab worker accommodations in India are stated hereunder –         

  • Extended service spans and longevity  
  • Ultimate structural durability and rigidity   
  • Better cost savings in development  
  • Top-notch reliability and quality consistency  
  • Fire safety and seismic resistance  
  • All-weather safe enclosures
  • Lightweight portable enclosures for reusability           
  • Better residual value with 100% recycling
  • Swift project delivery and installation
  • No maintenance requirements
  • Custom design choice and layout flexibility
  • Available with thermal and acoustic insulation panels

Workers Accommodation Application Areas

The versatility of Metalspace Buildcon prefabricated buildings in India is unrivalled and these can be designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. Easy to expand and alter, the prefab modular cabins in India result in energy savings and construction cost reductions of more than 50%. Committing ourselves to the highest degrees of engineering precision, we manufacture portable worker housing shelters in India and site accommodation structures along with a wide array of low-cost housing solutions. These are best suited to suffice the following utility scopes –              

  • Low-cost housing for workers
  • Construction site staff accommodation dormitories
  • Canteens, mess facilities and lodging enclosures
  • Control rooms enclosures and equipment storage       
  • Labourer hutment sheds and disaster relief shelters  
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