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Swift Delivery with Superlative Performance and Easy Expansion

Deriving significant industry know-how and capitalizing on our extensive expertise in the domain, Metalspace Buildcon as the best PEB warehouse construction company in India is capable to reach better precision and swiftness. The steel warehouse structures in India present disruptive innovation in design and with our fully integrated automated machinery implementation, we are committed to pose as centres of pure engineering perfection. Our pre-engineered warehouses in India allow clients to cherish significant leaps in terms of technology, productivity, efficiency as well as sustainability. As the top steel structures warehouse supplier in India, Metalspace Buildcon offers PEB structures which are comfortable even when exposed to heavy-duty industrial and commercial requirements. The heavy-grade steel metal truss framed structures allow these buildings to be structurally rigid, seismic resistant, fire safe, lightweight and all-weather safe.        

Pre-engineering of warehouse buildings as enabled by Metalspace Buildcon, the top PEB warehouse company in India helps surpass the traditional limitations and inefficiencies associated with conventional buildings and by achieving enhanced production control, we have grown capable of advancing as the No.1 PEB warehouse buildings manufacturer in India. Our warehouses support net-zero emissions and over their lifetime prove viable owing to their low maintenance requirements and ultimate ease of design expansion as well as modification due to standard sectional type of development. Opting for our pre-engineered warehouse buildings helps cherish cost savings of more than 40% while reducing energy consumption by up to 45%. We manufacture the PEB warehouses in larger clear spans and thus facilitate easy work flows in industrial as well as commercial operations. Combining enhanced layout ergonomics with complete leak proofing and insulation from use of composite panels, Metalspace Buildcon has set superlative standards and a prominent reputation of being the best PEB warehouse company in India.     

PEB Warehouses Features

With an inherent speciality to minimize construction flaws and introduce better machine automation, Metalspace Buildcon employs rigorous standards of quality control to produce steel warehouse buildings of ultimate load bearing capacities and superlative structural strength. With a legacy of proven leadership in the domain, Metalspace Buildcon has emerged as a pioneer in the steel warehouse construction industry and combines an expertise of trained engineers and a dedicated workforce to deliver the following features from these PEB solutions –           

  • Better structural durability and rigidity   
  • Enhanced load bearing capacity with robust framing
  • Flexibility of frames for enhanced seismic resistance  
  • Speedy construction with efficient progress  
  • Cost savings in design, development and in service    
  • Easy integration of additional bays for expansion    
  • Simplified design modifications and alternations   
  • Reduced carbon footprint and better emission controls
  • 100% client contentment assured with zero design flaws
  • Consistent design and structural quality across the board   
  • Off-site construction for greater environmental protection
  • Reliable technology solutions with greater structural stability  

PEB Warehouses Application Areas

The pre-engineered warehouse buildings in India developed by Metalspace Buildcon suffice a wide array of infrastructure development as well as building expansion requirements across commercial, industrial as well as agricultural sectors. In order to serve the industry better, Metalspace Buildcon has set up high-tech research and development facilities at its in-house plants to pursue perpetual innovation standards. Our PEB warehouse are designed to suffice the following premium applications –        

  • Commercial warehouses and industrial inventory storage sheds     
  • Automobile garages, aircraft hangars and service stations   
  • Agricultural warehouses and ripening chambers   
  • Godowns, showroom facilities, workshops and logistics enclosures   
  • Packers and movers business infrastructure    


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