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Durable, Cost-Effective and Sustainable Composite Sandwich Panel Solutions

A sandwich panel is a system which is intended to protect a building from external environmental elements and being developed as a composite sandwich panel which features multiple layers of diverse material choices in order to deliver specific functional purposes of insulation, these prefabricated sandwich panels in India have become a popular choice for use in all types of buildings. A sandwich panel is formed of two layers of metal sheets which encase a dense core medium preferable made from PUF, EPS, Rock Wool or Glasswool in order to enable optimum thermal and sound insulation properties. EPACK with a dominant expertise of more than two decades is ranked as the top sandwich panels manufacturer and supplier in India with a strong clientele and an unrivalled process knowhow serving them a unique competitive edge.

In order to best serve the needs of our customers, we at EPACK provide a wide range of the below-stated composite sandwich panel solutions which have carved a unique market niche and can be delivered in customized specifications at affordable market rates.


Puf Panel

hermal insulation enveloping solutions for buildings have witnessed a perpetual innovation and enhanced scopes of adoption over the past few years.


Rockwool Panel

Along with preventing significant energy loss in summers and ensuring better temperature retention during winters, the rockwool panels in India


Glasswool Panel

Made from non-flammable glass wool fibres and encased in high-grade metal sheets, the glasswool insulation panels in India offer key advantages of


EPS Panel

The expandable polystyrene foam which forms the core material in EPS sandwich panels in India is a lightweight and dense petroleum derived foam

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