Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in Haryana

Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in Haryana

Innovative high-tech systems designed to protect buildings from all kinds of environmental conditions while maintaining ideal interior temperature retention by being fully insulated, the prefabricated sandwich panels in Agra from Metalspace Buildcon have proven the best convenient, cost effective and powerful solution to envelope building structures of all types. Manufactured by the top sandwich PUF panels company in Agra Metalspace Buildcon, these panels are highly durable, lightweight and impact resistant.    

Our composite insulation panels in Agra are ideal for cladding wall, floor, ceilings as well as roof systems and these can be relocated or reused. Helping achieve enhanced levels of thermal as well as acoustic insulation depending upon the construction and type of core insulation used, these insulated metal wall panels in Agra from Metalspace Buildcon are state of the art ready made envelope for your buildings to achieve enhanced energy savings and enable superlative indoor comfort and aesthetics as well. 

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Composite Sandwich Panel Applications

The usage areas of Metalspace Buildcon manufactured PUF, Rockwool, Glasswool and EPS panels in Agra are diverse. Suited for enveloping residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural building structures, these ready-made panels feature a highly rigid construction and have been a top choice for use in outdoor as well as indoor applications. Some highlighted areas of utility for these insulated sandwich panels in Agra include industrial buildings, cold storages, clean rooms, office enclosures, institutional facilities, power plants, residential buildings, agricultural enclosures, animal husbandry infrastructure and many more.                 

Composite Sandwich Panel Features

Featuring an amazing combination of high load bearing capacity as well as an exceptionally lightweight design, the rockwool panels in Agra and other types of sandwich panel envelopes feature thick low density insulation materials sandwiched between adjacent metal layers. By considering your building’s thermal, acoustic or noise insulation requirements as well as by identification of the humidity levels, you can opt for the right choice of sandwich panel sheets in Agra designed and developed in-house by Metalspace Buildcon, the top sandwich panels company in Agra. The hallmark features of these panels include –

  • Enhanced strength and durability      
  • Swift and easy installation 
  • Better fire and corrosion resistance 
  • Unrivalled thermal as well as acoustic insulation   
  • Higher R-values for very low thermal conductivity
  • 100% recyclable and portable panel sheets   
  • All-weather safe and better humidity control   
  • Complete interior leak proofing     
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