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Smart and Sustainable Rockwool Insulation Solutions for Construction

Along with preventing significant energy loss in summers and ensuring better temperature retention during winters, the rockwool panels in India designed and developed by Metalspace Buildcon prove valuable for reducing overall energy bills and operational costs. With a legacy of pioneering innovation in the domain and driven by a vast expertise, we at Metalspace Buildcon, the top rockwool panels manufacturer in India take leverage of our cutting-edge infrastructure as well as machinery to develop the best in class range of rockwool sandwich panels in India which perform at peak levels of efficiency, safety, rigidity and insulation. As an inorganic fibre derived from natural rocks processed with high-temperature melting and fibre formation, rockwool possesses intrinsic properties of exceptional fire safety and resistance. Throughout the processes, we reduce the dependence on outsourced expertise and maintain a strong in-house all-round capability.      

Embedded and sandwiched between two layers of high-quality metal sheets as a dense centre core, rockwool sandwich panels in India from Metalspace Buildcon are exceptionally fire resistant and acoustic thus allowing greater flexibility and freedom in building design. Protecting your buildings against harsh external factors while ensuring pinnacle standards of interior comfort and aesthetics, these panels offered by the top rockwool panels manufacturer in India are ready-made solutions delivered to the site for a swift final installation. Following a just in time delivery approach to prevent delays and inventory bottlenecking, we are committed to an express delivery with a strong customer-centric intent. Our full suite of rockwool panels manufacture in India delivers dependable construction solutions and superior quality consistency across the board.  

Rockwool Insulated Panels Features

The rockwool wall panels in India despite their low weight have heavy impact resistance and prove to be safe for extended lifespans. The fire resistance from these rockwool composite panels in India makes its use across buildings an endeavour to enable added safety standards. As installation of these rockwool sandwich panels results in 50-60% energy savings and cost resulting reductions, these solutions with their following features have become a staple for modern infrastructure development projects –           

  • Minimal coefficient of heat conductivity   
  • Excellent fireproof capabilities
  • Best sound absorption performance  
  • Sustainable and green products    
  • Higher compression and impact resistance
  • Excellence durability and longevity
  • Fast and flexible installation on site
  • Effective building leak proofing
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Reusable, recyclable and relocatable panels       
  • Enhanced conduction wastage reduction
  • Cost effective to avail and maintain as well

Rockwool Panels Application Areas

As the top rockwool panels supplier in India, Metalspace Buildcon produces high performance building envelop systems which are predictable in costs, delivery and performance. Specially designed to cope with a wide array of conditions and application requirements, these rockwool composite panels in India are ideal for use across the following –        

  • Building wall and roof construction        
  • Fireproofing of factories and industrial enclosures    
  • Soundproof or acoustic enclosure enveloping      
  • Power plant buildings and cold storages          
  • Sustainable solutions for building enveloping


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