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Steel Structured Panel-Build Shelters for Railway BTS Sectors

Metalspace Buildcon’s technical proficiency and unrivalled engineering expertise allows it to be a leading prefabricated railway shelters manufacturer in India. Our railway and telecom shelters in India offer ideal application scopes for the industry and these have been built to high-quality standards in order to withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy-duty applications as well as rigorous use. We offer these enclosures ion state of the art insulated panel system installation in order to make possible a complete leak proofing against rain, air, as well as heat or cold. The prefabricated railway BTS shelters in India from Metalspace Buildcon prove to be exceptionally cost effective for end-user requirements and are exceptionally easy to install wing to their lightweight design and easy portability benefits. In order to maintain a seamless and continuous network solution service, telecom operators face requirements of swift deployment of infrastructure eve in remote areas and the best way to fulfil the same is through implementation of prefab BTS telecom shelters in India which are ready made and easy to install at any type of a site.      

Completely portable and modular in nature, the railway BTS prefab buildings in India are available at cost effective process and have superlative quality and performance features as well. Metalspace Buildcon is a leading railway telecom shelters supplier in India and taking complete leverage of our technical expertise as well as a strong manufacturing infrastructure, we have been able to provide competent and dependable solutions which can last the test of time. Manufactured using the finest grade materials and fully envelops in insulated panels, these state-of-the-art purpose-built enclosures serve the best function of protecting and safeguarding essential equipment for railway and telecom industries. These enclosures as manufactured by the top railway BTS shelters company in India Metalspace Buildcon are designed to be safe even in harsh environmental conditions.            

Railway BTS Shelters Features

For delivering a flawless operation across their application in railway and telecon industry as enclosures for heavy-duty machinery or equipment, the railway BTS shelters from Metalspace Buildcon have been insulated to withstand the heat generated by the machinery. Rigorously tested to harsh working conditions, these lightweight yet durable structures have a steel framed structure core enveloped in sandwich PUF panels for better insulating properties. Some of the top features of these prefabricated telecom shelters in India from Metalspace Buildcon have been stated as follows –           

  • Adequate thermal and acoustic insulation   
  • Complete air and water tight performance      
  • Steel frame reinforcement solutions    
  • Longevity and extended service spans   
  • Very low to nil maintenance requirements   
  • Complete security and safety for the installed equipment   
  • Very affordable to avail
  • Easy to relocate as portable shelters
  • All weather safe enclosures
  • Available in various finishing choices
  • Fire and corrosion resistant railway BTS enclosures in India
  • Complete off-site development and easy on-site installation

Railway BTS Shelters Application Areas

Easy of design modification and a diversified possibility of layout ergonomics makes these portable railway shelters in India from Metalspace Buildcon a top choice for installation across a wide array of application areas. Available as 100% customised client tailored solutions, these prefabricated telecom shelters in India prove viable for the following applications –  

  • Telecom and railway equipment shelter enclosures  
  • Signalling huts and portable control rooms   
  • Prefabricated BTS shelters and electronic panel enclosures    
  • Equipment housing cabins for industries and construction sites    
  • Makeshift railway or telecom shelters  


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