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Prefabrication is a revolutionary construction technology which has been a dominant force of technology innovation and productivity enhancement for the infrastructure development sector. EPACK as the No.1 prefabrication company in India has made endless efforts to target a clear contribution in terms of construction process speed enhancement, material efficiency gains, reduction in construction wastage, energy saving process development as well as overall safety and quality standard enhancements. Following proven methods of construction site efficiency and productivity, EPACK prefabrication of buildings assists in faster development methods, quality consistency across the board as well as peak standards of al-round efficiency. The lightweight, portable, durable and sustainable prefabricated buildings in India developed in-house at state of the art facilities by EPACK face a consistent rise in demand across residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors as their implementation makes possible better advantages in terms of cost savings, weight reduction, safety enhancements as well as overall longevity improvement.

As the top prefabricated buildings manufacturer and supplier in India, EPACK empowers it clints and allows them to grow from strength to strength with its unique high-tech construction solutions that can be developed and installed in the shortest time frames possible. EPACK’s history and pedigree in the sector remains unparalleled.


Porta cabin

It is an undeniable fact that the traditional brick and mortar or concrete construction processes do not pose as favourable options when you are


Prefab Site office

Every construction or infrastructure development site is dependent on a sound avail of buildings and accommodation facilities which serve the purposes


Workers accommodation

Metalspace Builtcon is driven by a mission to bring high-quality innovation into the construction sector and its state-of-the-art solutions


Clean Room Enclosure

Prefabricated clean rooms in India designed and developed by Metalspace Builtcon are enclosures with defined concentrations


Cold Storage Enclosure

Superlative in enabling consistent low temperatures and focused on fulfilling a wide array of commercial, pharmaceutical, agricultural


Railway BTS Shelters

Metalspace Builtcon’s technical proficiency and unrivalled engineering expertise allows it to be a leading prefabricated railway shelters


Control Pulpits

Advanced technologies and unrivalled construction industry innovation through prefabrication enables Metalspace Builtcon to cherish


Acoustic Enclosure

Building acoustics play a vital role in the overall ergonomic performance of a structure and by allowing for a higher degree of sound


Modular homes

The increased speed of the build, enhanced quality consistency, better sustainability features as well as top notch aesthetic features


Security cabin

Easy to lift, lightweight, affordable and aesthetically pleasing security cabins in India from Metalspace Builtcon are a prominent tend ion the sector


Liftable MS container

Metalspace Builtcon has embarked on an unhindered mission to revolutionize the Indian infrastructure development landscape and introduces


Prefabricated Site Infrastucture

Relatively easy and swift to develop, prefabricated building enclosures have been a popular revolution

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