Although the processes of prefabrication have been in existence since many decades, they have grown to an unrivalled prominence in the past few years as we have witnessed a major swell in the demands of fast-paced, sustainable as well as cost effective building development solutions. Metalspace Buildcon as the leading prefabricated structures manufacturer in Gurugram has been at the forefront in design and development of world class lightweight modular prefabricated buildings in Gurugram which encompass cutting-edge technology features making them ideal alternatives to be used against conventional or traditional enclosures. Over the years of research and development along with a perpetual innovation at its prefabricated buildings construction company in Gurugram, Metalspace Buildcon has grown to be the No.1 prefab site infrastructure supplier in Gurugram.           

Offering a wide array of capable and competent construction solutions all available at suitable and best prefabricated buildings price in Gurugram, Metalspace Buildcon has risen to the ranks of being the top-ranked prefabricated buildings supplier in Gurugram. Operating at its high-tech machinery incorporated facilities, the company is perpetually invested in its efforts to revolutionize modern infrastructure development with its high-tech prefab commercial buildings in Gurugram which are more than 50% cost effective when compared to traditional structures. Each of the buildings is rigorously tested and quality monitored post-production in order to assure clients 100% precision and accuracy from these prefabricated building solutions in Gurugram.       

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Prefabricated Buildings Applications

Guaranteeing elevated safety standards and peak energy efficiency benefits, the Metalspace Buildcon designed prefabricated steel buildings in Gurugram lead to development of the best durable and robust structures which find a prominent use as prefab site infrastructure in Gurugram, commercial enclosures, factory sheds, service stations, office cabin buildings, small scale storage units, residential housing accommodation as well as institutional infrastructure such as school, hospital or medical buildings.      

Prefabricated Buildings Features

Manufactured with the best features of strength, safety, sustainability as well as overall better efficiency, the Metalspace Buildcon lightweight prefabricated building structures in Gurugram prove to be revolutionary for the sector. Assisting engineers and contractors to build faster and cheaper, these prefabricated enclosures com with following unique features and advantages –     

  • Best weight reduction
  • 100% recycling and reuse
  • Varying design layouts
  • Fire, wet weather and corrosion safe
  • More than 50% faster builds   
  • Material wastage reduction
  • Budget or cost certainty
  • Higher quality consistency  
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