A pre-engineered steel building in Hapur is an off-site constructed enclosures which is developed as standard sectional units in a factory facility and transported to the actual site for assembly or installation. Metalspace Buildcon is accoladed as the best pre-engineered buildings manufacturer in Hapur and is focused on streamlining and strengthening its scope of expertise by perpetually accumulating industry know-how for improving existing operations and deliberant to the market a competent range of solutions unrivalled in safety, quality, efficiency and technicality scopes.

Since the inception of Metalspace Buildcon many years ago as a PEB warehouse construction company in Hapur, the brand has emerged to be the best value addition solutions provider in its segment and the high-quality infrastructure development which the company practices has made its entire product range of pre-engineered steel buildings in Hapur be highly sought after in the market. There occur amazing advantages as well as benefits to cherish from these PEB factory sheds in Hapur such as exceptional energy efficiency and unrivalled standards of eco-friendly development as well as service.                 

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Pre-Engineered Buildings Applications

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a major percentage of all infrastructure development projects across commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional domains prefer pre-engineered building construction in Hapur. These lightweight metal framed structures have a higher strength-to-weight ratio and are designed to accommodate a wide range of functional scopes such as their use as garages or hangars, small scale manufacturing units, service stations, factory sheds, ripening chambers, warehousing, poultry farms, cold storages, clean rooms, stadiums as well as exhibition facilities.   

Pre-Engineered Buildings Features

Efficient resource management and exceptional wastage reduction are dominant features of PEB steel buildings supplier in Hapur Metalspace Buildcon and the company takes pride in its exceptional expertise in enabling design flexibility of these off-site developed PEB steel structures in Hapur which allow for a wide array of application scopes and serve the following benefits –      

  • Hugh strength-to-weight ratio
  • High weather tolerance
  • Long service life  
  • Robust and durable  
  • Thermal insulation  
  • Aesthetic designs  
  • Corrosion and fire safe  
  • Ready-made units    
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