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Low-Cost Building Alternatives Delivered Swiftly and Sustainably

It is an undeniable fact that the traditional brick and mortar or concrete construction processes do not pose as favourable options when you are building temporary enclosures. In such cases, opting for modular and portable buildings in India as developed by Metalspace Buildcon can prove to be a viable alternative. Completely designed and developed off-site with a modular construction approach, these porta cabins in India can be relocated from one site to another without losing any of the mechanical properties and thus diverse functionality scopes can be catered to by a single structure. Extremely lightweight with smart material choices and innovative steel frame design to add ultimate structural rigidity, these enclosures from the top porta cabins manufacturer in India Metalspace Buildcon upscale construction processes and help alleviate the environmental harms, economic losses as well as frequent delays as observed with conventional methodologies. As a brand, Metalspace Buildcon garners a strong focus on fulfilling its client’s requirements with unique bespoke tailored designs which best fir their specific requirements.                

Functional versatility of Metalspace Buildcon prefabricated portable cabins in India is unrivalled and as there is no one-size-fits-all approach in construction, our bespoke solutions offer an added advantages of serving multiple utility scopes with a higher degree of precision, efficiency and sustainable performance. One of the key features pf our portable buildings in India is their extremely lightweight which allows for a rapid relocation. These enclosures do not require any special foundations and thus can be installed anywhere. Accoladed as the best prefabrication company in India, Metalspace Buildcon has the potential to handle large-scale infrastructure development projects and deliver state of the art as well as best in class solutions to clients at affordable budgets.              

Porta Cabin Features

Metalspace Buildcon is a brand which remains flexible to adopt changing industry trends and incorporates an elevated focus on sustainability which is evident from its high-tech engineering processes exceptionally focused on material as well as process efficiency. By leveraging advanced automation machinery equipment, we have become capable of producing the best-in-class portable prefabricated buildings in India which suit the best requirements of makeshift enclosures across a wide array of applications. Stated as follows are the hallmark features to gain from these high-tech engineering masterpieces –    

  • Superior strength benefits
  • Safety and swift construction progress
  • Ultimate structural durability
  • Low-cost construction of lightweight structures
  • Peak standards of seismic resistance
  • Diverse design options and flexible layout choices
  • Best fire and corrosion resistance
  • Rigid frames which resit loads  
  • Exceptional cost savings in development   
  • 100% reusability and recycling
  • Easy portability and anywhere relocation  
  • Better comfort with insulated panels       

Porta Cabin Application Areas

Practising signature standards of engineering excellence at its in-house facilities, Metalspace Buildcon has optimized its design and development processed in order to achieve superlative advantages and enhanced scopes of application from its lightweight portable cabin enclosures in India. Metalspace Buildcon’s expertise spans many years and we cater to a wide range of demands across the infrastructure development sector made prominent by the fast-paced waves of rapid urbanization. Spearheaded by a team of expert engineers and architects, we develop top-notch low-cost housing solutions in India suitable for the following utilizations –           

  • Prefabricated site offices, canteens and dormitories   
  • Makeshift portable rooms and disaster relief shelters   
  • Modular guest houses and control room buildings    
  • Low-cost housing enclosures and event halls
  • Portable commercial pulpits and testing centres


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