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Fulfil Affordable Housing Requirements with High-Quality Alternatives

The increased speed of the build, enhanced quality consistency, better sustainability features as well as top notch aesthetic features makes Metalspace Buildcon modular homes in India a viable alternative to brick and mortar enclosures. Offering reliable schedules which are at least two times faster when compared to conventional methodologies, Metalspace Buildcon as a leading prefabricated modular house construction company in India develops innovative enclosures with the smallest possible carbon footprint ad at affordable rates. Utilizing durable materials and standardized processes for the build, Metalspace Buildcon follows competent design approaches for the development of its prefab homes in India which are lightweight, flexible in design and relocatable. Our standard homes are built to client specific tastes and embody a unique philosophy which is ideal for making possible affordable housing for all and in tune with the current wave of urbanization which is in its full pace all across the nation.       

These modular affordable houses in India developed by Metalspace Buildcon incorporate a wide array of functional features which make possible comfortable, ergonomic, sustainable and smart living. With steel based truss frame structures enveloped in thermal insulation panel envelops, these modular houses are completely leakproof and prove to be exceptionally energy efficient. What makes a prefabricated home highly viable option is the enhanced pace of the build, higher material efficiency, mitigated construction time delays, less manual labour requirements, huge energy savings during development along with reduced design flaws due to standardized component fabrication in a factory. In comparison to traditional construction, prefabrication can save about 50% or more in terms of building development costs. Due to the fact that fabrication occurs in a controlled off-site and indoor environment which is completely independent from the actual site, there is very less possibility of construction delays. Metalspace Buildcon as the top modular prefab homes manufacturer in India is capable of delivering projects as per predictable and reliable schedules which clients can depend on.      

Modular Homes Features

Healthy and sustainable construction and perpetual endeavours for Metalspace Buildcon and our dedicated team of engineers works consistently to pursue higher efficiency standards throughout the build while targeting greater features from our building structures. Accoladed to be the best modular homes company in India, Metalspace Buildcon which is spearheaded by expert architects and designers aims to make buildings energy efficient and responsible for reduced carbon emissions. We deliver the best in class prefabricated affordable housing solutions in India which serve the following prominent features –           

  • Maintenance free enclosures
  • Green homes which are sustainable
  • Lightweight portable housing enclosures
  • Strong durability performance and build-quality
  • Better energy efficiency standards
  • Best thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable ergonomic layouts   
  • Flexible and easy deign modifications
  • Completely recyclable and reusable enclosures
  • Ultimately swift and rapid to develop
  • Weather proof buildings which are safe from fire
  • All-weather resistant and corrosion safe

Modular Homes Application Areas

Prefabricated buildings in India designed and developed by Metalspace Buildcon have capitated a strong market attention and are being ranked as the best in their segment owing to their superlative features. Flexibility in use and ease of modification makes these enclosures suitable for a wide array of applications and some top areas of utilization which our modular off-site developed prefabricated building enclosures serve are stated as hereunder –     

  • Energy efficient and affordable housing solutions
  • Makeshift accommodation shelters for workers
  • Lightweight disaster relief camps    
  • Sports facilities and hostel lodging enclosures
  • Mess halls, dormitories and portable enclosures  


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