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Portable Accommodation and Security Cabins Available at Cost-Effective Budgets

Metalspace Buildcon has embarked on an unhindered mission to revolutionize the Indian infrastructure development landscape and introduces streamlined methodologies which intent to navigate the myriad complications in the sector and make possible an innovative roadmap to cherish the best possible efficiency in projects. Developing the best-in-class lightweight liftable MS container cabins in India which are best useful for makeshift accommodation and housing of workers at a construction site or to enable the best housing for security guards, these enclosures developed by the top portable MS container cabins manufacturer in India Metalspace Buildcon come with amazing features of material efficiency as well as peak standards of sustainability. Designed and developed with high grade steel material, these cabins are portable and have the best properties to be able to withstand even the harshest of environmental conditions while making possible complete corrosion and fire resistance. Enveloped with insulation panels for added ergonomic comfort and aesthetic balance, these container cabins have a rigid frame design which makes possible higher structural rigidity even with minimum material use and best advantages of unrivalled impact resistance.             

Metalspace Buildcon as the top portable MS container supplier in India contributes to a sustainable future by ensuring the best rigorous quality inspection standards at its facilities and has been consistent in its research efforts in order to minimize the carbon footprint from its processes as well as products. Metalspace Buildcon is rapidly growing from strength-to-strength in the field of liftable steel cabins manufacture in India since a long time. The company’s major strength lies in its ability to deliver high-quality products at the most competitive market quotes. Our team of highly skilled, experienced and trustworthy engineers who have been indulged with design and installation of these enclosures from many years allow us to execute projects of all scales as well as sizes anywhere across India and within the predicted timeframes. The brand prides itself on its team of exceedingly professional designers and engineers who make Metalspace Buildcon the No.1 prefab portable MS cabin company in India.           

Liftable MS Container Features

Unrivalled quality excellence and a strong commitment towards making possible the best cutting edge metal fabrication for developing portable MS cabins in India is a trademark of Metalspace Buildcon. Our off-site construction processes are an orchestra of ultimate precision engineering and we strive for committing ourselves to extraordinary quality control standards which result in best deliverables to customers. We utilize durable materials of MS steel and follow unparalleled systems for off-site construction to result in lasting solutions which deliver the following features –             

  • Economic and affordable solutions     
  • Improved aesthetic properties   
  • Higher fire resistance   
  • Corrosion and termite resistance   
  • Fast and flexible installation on site
  • Reusable, recyclable and relocatable panels
  • Flexibility of frames for enhanced seismic resistance
  • Steel industry sheds are 100% recyclable
  • Better budget certainty and predictability
  • Insulated panel envelops for energy efficiency
  • 100% client satisfaction assurance  
  • Reduced carbon footprint with green construction    
  • Greater load bearing capacity  
  • 100% reusability and recycling          

Liftable MS Container Application Areas

Portable structural enclosures have virtually limitless applications and their utilizations span across myriad sectors. Ideal for safe and sustainable housing of workers and best suitable as make-shift office or security facilities, these MS portable cabins in India have gained major traction owing to their wide scale utilization scopes. Metalspace Buildcon offers a novel methodology of building which I focused on a lean construction approach dominated by a simplified, innovative, and streamlined design as well as production process with unmatched precision in order to make possible a more productive and safer end-product. Metalspace Buildcon revolutionizes the way buildings are constructed and offers its portable MS cabins to suffice the following types of applications – 

  • Site office cabins and worker shelters    
  • Dormitories and mess halls as well as canteens          
  • Testing facilities, equipment control rooms and storage sheds       
  • Parable security cabins and labourer pulpits         
  • Special purpose cabins for construction industry   


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