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Specialized Structural Solutions Designed with Unrivalled Precision

Developing enhanced competencies through a strong platform of construction innovation and transcending into the modern era of building development, Metalspace Buildcon is on the verge to be a pioneer in its segment with the best market credibility and customer reliance in its favour. Owing to our unrivalled efforts in research as well as development, we have been able to design a superlative range of pre-engineered factory buildings in India which possess unmatched features of structural rigidify and lightweight construction resulting in the best load bearing capacities. Pre-engineered factory building enclosures in India result from a robust engineering expertise and cutting-edge machinery leverage of Metalspace Buildcon, the top PEB factory buildings manufacturer in India. By following construction methodologies which are proven to deliver abut 50% time and cost savings in development, these pre-engineered factory enclosures in India have been associated with unrivalled sustainability, greater energy savings, better seismic protection as well as peak standards of material efficiency.                  

Depending upon client specific application demands, we model these metal factory buildings in India to fit a wide range of industrial, commercial as well as agricultural sector applications and make them available in larger than 100m clear spans with maximum column spacing for enhanced ergonomics. Driven by exceptional functionality-oriented construction approach, these lightweight metal enclosures follow accelerated schedule timelines and help deliver improved aesthetics, better architectural flexibility as well as greater architectural flexibility along with heavy load bearing. While design and development of these enclosures, Metalspace Buildcon as the best PEB factory buildings supplier in India takes into consideration seismic factors as well as wind loads in order to make these enclosures resists all kinds of natural disasters.              

PEB Industry Shed Features

Long lasting design and ultimate precision of these steel frame factory buildings in India derive from highly quality controlled in-house operations and make possible rapid, efficient, reliable and sustainable project progress. Metalspace Buildcon offers a new way of factory buildings focused on simplicity, streamlined design, innovation, efficiency as well as sustainability. Our in-house manufacture of PEB steel factory buildings in India is safer, productive as well as flawless. Elevating overall safety along with enhanced ease of design expansion as well as modification, thee PEB factory structures in India generate very less wastage and are completely recyclable. Their hallmark features include –        

  • Precise dimensional specifications
  • Better aesthetic finishing options
  • Enhanced rigidity with high-quality steel
  • Lightweight design with truss frames
  • Insulated panel envelops for energy efficiency
  • Better project scheduling control  
  • Task streamlining and predictable time schedules
  • Seismic and termite action resistant buildings       
  • All-weather safe PEB steel factory buildings   
  • 100% client satisfaction assurance
  • Steel structures for heavy load bearing capacity   
  • Reduced carbon footprint with green construction     

PEB Factory Building Application Areas

Metalspace Buildcon as the best pre-engineered metal factory buildings supplier in India follows strictly quality monitored in-house design and development operations which ensure immaculate fit and finish for each and every client offering which is purpose-build for specific commercial, agricultural, institutional or industrial applications. As a solutions-driven company, we at Metalspace Buildcon handle end-to-end operations right from design to final installation and make sure that our creations well exceed desired permissible standards of quality or performance. Our optimized pre-engineering technologies focus on unrivalled client trust and integrity while being capable to suffice the following types of applications –

  • Mechanised production facilities and manufacturing plants
  • Industrial enclosures and warehouse buildings
  • Power plant buildings and control rooms    
  • Steel mills, packaging facilities and crane buildings    
  • Cement plants, quality control facilities and refineries     
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