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Lightweight Modular Enclosures Deigned with Best Fit and Finish

Embodying an unrivalled design-forward thinking approach backed by a strong in-house expertise, Metalspace Buildcon has attained a superlative reputation reputation for developing buildings faster, cheaper and with smarter features. Our state-of-the-art pre-engineered fabricated buildings in India follow lean construction methodologies and help mitigate the possibilities of any design anomalies as well as process inconsistencies. As a top accoladed fabricated steel structures manufacturer in India, Metalspace Buildcon offers designs that prove to be excellent for better longevity, greater strength, sustainability as well as exceptional material efficiency. These PEB steel structures in India are completely maintenance free and can be relocated, reused and recycled making them highly sustainable for modern-day applications. Steel continues to be a true standard of measure when it comes to targeting better efficiency and structural durability and our fabricated steel structures in India embody the concept of modular construction with an elevated focus on maximizing design flexibility io order to accommodate a wide array of application scopes.      

Following pioneering standards of quality control and post-production testing as well as inspections makes Metalspace Buildcon emerge to be the No.1 fabricated steel structures supplier in India. Our PEB metal buildings in India are constructed to exact dimensional and performance specifications and delivered within predictable timeframe for best fulfilment of our client’s demands. Aided by advanced computer software design as and enhanced automation machinery leverage, we manufacture these enclosures to comply with international level quality and safety standards. These steel enclosures are lightweight yet can bear heavy loads thus making them suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Fabricated Steel Structure Features

Committed to an unhindered striving towards excellent client service and indefinite maintenance, Metalspace Buildcon as the best fabricated metal buildings company in India fosters a unique platform which allows state of the art research in order to develop steel structure buildings in India which prove to be the industry standards when it comes to overall build quality, design excellence, aesthetic finishing as well as heavy-duty performance capabilities. These structures can be customized to client specific dimensions and be made to accommodate larger clear span area with wide column spacing to improve ergonomic flow for streamlined operational conduct. Some hallmark features of our fabricated steel structures include –              

  • Enhanced architectural flexibility
  • Greater load bearing capacity
  • Lightweight yet rigid frames
  • Corrosion and seismic resistant
  • Better longevity and serviceability
  • 100% recycling and reusability
  • Portable buildings easy to relocate   
  • Simplified design modification and expansion
  • Standard sectional design for speedy development
  • Cost savings of about 45% to traditional structures     
  • Best earthquake safety
  • All-weather resistant and disaster-proof   

Fabricated Steel Structure Application Areas

The off-site constricted fabricated steel buildings in India from Metalspace Buildcon are capable and competent to fulfil a wide range of applications. Wherever there occurs a need to develop a heavy-duty structure for rigorous industrial or commercial applications, our steel metal buildings prove to be a viable alternative against conventional brick and mortar buildings. Here are a few top applications that Metalspace Buildcon pre-engineered fabricated steel structures in India serve –             

  • Warehouses, industrial enclosures and makeshift faculties
  • Power plant infrastructure and control room enclosures
  • Godown buildings and warehousing enclosures   
  • Workshops, service centres and garages       
  • Sugar mills, small scale factories and accommodation facilities
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