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Industry preferred choice for thermal and acoustic insulation EPS panels

The expandable polystyrene foam which forms the core material in EPS sandwich panels in India is a lightweight and dense petroleum derived foam material featuring a closed porous structure for enabling better thermal and sound insulation. Metalspace Buildcon as the best EPS sandwich panels manufacturer in India follows its patented and pioneering technology innovation to make possible world-class products of unsurpassed quality consistency as well as peak reliability. Over our years of dominant expertise as the top EPS panels supplier in India, we have accumulated strong industry know-how while emerging as the leading EPS solutions provider in India. Offering state of the art            EPS insulated wall panels in India that help sustain better thermal retention and leak proofing, our unique designs result in enhanced cost savings derived from better energy consumption reduction and minimal maintenance costs.       

Metalspace Buildcon provides insulation solutions to suffice each and every point of building development right from foundation to roofs and outer walls to flooring as well. Our durable and robust EPS sandwich panels in India are rated as the most economic and practical construction materials which are designed and developed in accordance with world class quality standards and safety protocols. As a brand recognised and accoladed for its superlative code of conduct which embodies a pinnacle ethos of high level of ethics, complete organizational transparency, enhanced and sustained value addition as well as an open culture fostering diversity and inclusivity. We value client input the best and make sure to develop products best catering to their requirements.           

EPS Insulated Panel Features

The environmentally friendly EPS panel sheets in India from Metalspace Buildcon are flexible and with a durable construction, they deliver better thermal insulation performance and cope well even with extreme temperature changes while maintaining consistent indoor environments. The temperature retention capabilities of the EPS panels are excellent. Expandable Polystyrene panels are also resistant against mechanical factors and impacts. Combining unrivalled lightness, versatile usability and the best performance safety even in freezing temperature making their use prominent in construction of refrigerated cold rooms. Metalspace Buildcon as the best EPS panels company in India has an exceptional expertise in delivering sandwich panel sheets with better strength to weight ratios. Some hallmark features of our EPS panel envelop systems are –          

  • Very low thermal conductivity values      
  • High mechanical compression strength
  • Water repellent panels with humidity resistance
  • Higher dimensional stability and thermal expansion safe    
  • Lightweight EPS panels with porous air cavity structure      
  • Exceptionally resistant to temperature changes
  • Classified fire-resistant performance in all conditions   
  • Better seismic and termite resistant panel solutions   
  • Easy and swift to develop for upscaling project timescales  
  • Custom bespoke designs for client tailored preference   
  • Tough panels with long-lasting durability    
  • Multiple finishing options availability     

EPS Panels Application Areas

Metalspace Buildcon EPS sandwich panels have a prominent utilization across all parts of a building structure and apart from their exceptional thermal insulation, these have been a preferred acoustic insulation solution in buildings as well. Following a perpetual roadmap to research and innovation, we develop EPS panels that suffice diversified usage areas some of which include the following –              

  • Thermal insulation for building walls and ceilings
  • Building roof enveloping with EPS panels     
  • Industrial and commercial noise proofing panels  
  • Ideal enveloping for cold rooms and clean room enclosures
  • Walk-on ceilings and partition walls


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