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Industry-Specific Control Rooms with Proper Insulation and Safety Features

Advanced technologies and unrivalled construction industry innovation through prefabrication enables Metalspace Buildcon to cherish a market leading reputation as the best prefabricated control pulpits manufacturer in India. As an expert in design and development of lightweight modular cabins which can be fabricated in rapid timespans, Metalspace Buildcon allows clients to take leverage of its unique specialization for empowering the operations and growth prospects. We manufacture the best portable cabins in India at our dedicated in-house off-site facilities and deliver the same with a promise of ultimate precision, exceptional build quality and top-notch structural durability. These ready-made portable cabins in India from Metalspace Buildcon are relocatable and being lightweight can be transported across sites without a hassle. Each of our prefab porta cabins in India embodies a unique design which allows for easy customization of layouts to suit diverse purposes and these have been highly popular across the industrial, commercial, power plant, manufacturing as well as quality testing facilities for controlling the processes through high-tech equipment.  

Contrary to common myths, it is a fact to state that prefabricated buildings are much better overall in their quality, safety, performance as well as sustainability advantages when compared to traditional brick and mortar structures. For developing the best-in-class control room enclosures in India, Metalspace Buildcon relies on the cutting-edge prefabrication processes which help save tome, costs and resources by about 50% in construction and furnish a superlative quality product unsurpassed in its safety, performance as well as usability standards. The use of high-grade materials, smart construction technologies and rigorous testing standards makes Metalspace Buildcon porta cabin enclosures in India to go-to solutions to opt for development of makeshift as well as permanent control panel installation buildings which have a prominent use across power generation and distribution sector, manufacturing industry as well as a wide array of other utilizations.

Control Pulpits Features

Often required to fulfil heavy-duty applications in industrial and commercial environments, these prefabricated control pulpits are available in a wide variety of dimensional specifications and come with specific amenities which makes possible their diversified usability. Enveloped in highly insulating sandwich composite panels and constructed from rigid steel frames, the portable control pulpits are easy to lift and relocate while being unhindered in their exceptional energy efficiency during development as well as in service spans. Some prominent features of Metalspace Buildcon prefabricated control pulpits in India are stated as hereunder –           

  • Lightweight structural development  
  • Exceptional reusability and portability
  • Highly durable structures with best stability  
  • All-weather and corrosion resistant cabins
  • Lightweight structural development  
  • Exceptional reusability and portability
  • Highly durable structures with best stability  
  • All-weather and corrosion resistant cabins
  • Exceptional wastage reduction and material efficiency   
  • Custom designs which can be modified easily     
  • Come with lightweight composite panels  
  • Installed with large view glasses for monitoring   

Control Pulpits Application Areas

Metalspace Buildcon provides state of the art control room enclosures in India in order to suffice the top application requisites across a wide array of industrial sectors such as furnaces, steel rolling mills, TMT Bars manufacturing, automobile and aircraft production as well as across powerplant infrastructure, quality checking bays and many other areas. Owing to their special features and an unrivalled range of advantages, these control pulpits developed by Metalspace Buildcon, these top prefabricated control pulpits company in India are suited for the following applications –        

  • Industries, production and manufacturing facilities        
  • Nuclear, hydro or thermal power plants     
  • Food processing sector and packaging industry control cabins     
  • Furnace buildings and safety enclosures     
  • Quality control and material testing stations   


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