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World-class refrigerated enclosures with cutting-edge features

Superlative in enabling consistent low temperatures and focused on fulfilling a wide array of commercial, pharmaceutical, agricultural as well as industrial applications, the prefabricated cold storage rooms in India as designed and developed by Metalspace Buildcon are specifically designed with state-of-the-art amenities and high-etch features. With a prime aim to deliver superlative cooling and refrigeration benefits while maximizing energy efficiency standards, our prefabricated cold storage enclosures in India prove to be ultimate in preservation of perishable items and also help maintain very low temperatures to facilitate specific operational conduct. With high-tech features enabling maintenance of low temperatures in order to suffice a wide array of applications, these buildings developed by the top cold storage enclosures manufacturer in India Metalspace Buildcon when produced with prefabrication methodology deliver unrivalled quality, efficiency and sustainability features.    

Metalspace Buildcon designs its cold room buildings with optimum fitments for condensing units, evaporators, refrigeration systems, control panels as well as dehumidifying equipment. Long-lasting durability, exceptional performance benefits and peak standards of energy savings make our cold rooms the best in class and as the leading prefabricated cold rooms company in India, Metalspace Buildcon occupies a unique position and supports India’s growing pace of urbanization with high-tech infrastructure development solutions. As a company we focus on catering to the entire segment of the end-to-end delivery of these high-tech col room buildings which are designed to b e quiet, ergonomic, eco-friendly, leakproof and exceptionally durable. We aim to suffice end-to-end refrigerated enclosures project requirements for our clients and promise unsurpassed features and benefits from the same. Relying on our extensive expertise, we make sure to exceed client expectations every single time and emphasize on 100% customer satisfaction. Our prefab cold storages in India are the most sustainable choice of solutions you can avail and have carved a unique market niche for themselves owing to their wide range of unparalleled features and benefits which truly let them shine in the domain.           

Cold Storage Enclosure Features

Designed and fabricated to be able to fulfil the long-lasting operational needs across commercial, industrial as well as agricultural sectors in the pharmaceutical, food processing, special cryogenic sector and many other temperature sensitive activities and with an enhanced scope of performance excellence, the Metalspace Buildcon cold room enclosures in India offer reliable, efficient, safe, sustainable and hassle-free refrigeration service with unrivalled longevity standards. Some of the top advantages to gain from Metalspace Buildcon cold rooms include the following –         

  • Strict quality control processes  
  • Pinnacle strength and durability standards
  • Improved insulation performance
  • Complete leakproof building enclosures
  • Enclosures have flush-fit doors and windows
  • Wide range of operations to suit diverse applications
  • Easy to relocate with lightweight structure
  • Highly durable metal frames for added stability
  • Energy efficient enclosures which are sustainable
  • 100% recycling and reusability possibilities
  • Easy design modification and alteration
  • All-weather resistant and safe buildings

Cold Storage Enclosure Application Areas

Pursuing world-class quality control and precision engineering standards is a perpetual endeavour at Metalspace Buildcon, the top prefab cold rooms suppliers in India. As an expert cold rooms company in India, we have been accoladed with top quality and safety accreditations which prove to be true testaments to our brand’s commitment towards delivering the best-in-class solutions. Superlative in their temperature retention and enhanced energy efficiency benefits, the high-quality refrigeration performance of these encloses makes them suitable for the following premium applications – 

  • Medical storage and pharma industry testing      
  • General purpose refrigerated rooms in India  
  • Chemical warehouses, dairy industry and beverage industry
  • Sea produce, agricultural and bakery storage     
  • Fruit ripening chambers     


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