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Sterile Enclosures with Strict Hygienic Conditions Maintenance

Prefabricated clean rooms in India designed and developed by Metalspace Buildcon are enclosures with defined concentrations of allowance for airborne particle and particulate impurities. By enabling completely leakproof buildings with exceptional control parameters for temperature, humidity, pressure as well as sterility, Metalspace Buildcon ensures that clients get to cherish enhanced standards of quality and ideal environments to be able to ensure safe and suitable conduct of requisite sensitive operations particularly across the pharmaceutical sector, nanotechnology industry, semiconductor manufacturing and electronics assembly or repair. As a top accoladed prefabricated clean rooms manufacturer in India, Metalspace Buildcon utilizes its multi-disciplinary expertise to excel in manufacturing of these prefab clean room buildings in India which are designed to be fully independent and high regulatory standards of sterility maintenance. We envelop these buildings in purpose-built clean room panels in India for a complete leak proofing which proves to be essential for better suitability.          

Metalspace Buildcon covers end-to-end aspects of clean room construction in India and taking complete leverage of its expert engineer’s know-how as well as a strong reliance on high-tech machinery, we have grown capable of fulfilling client specific requirements with the best intent to enable their technical infrastructure empowerment. The construction of clean room buildings in India is critical for maintaining desired performance and safety levels for a wide range of sectors. Our clean room buildings are fully compliant to be approved by leading regulatory bodies and this makes them a viable market entity suitable for utilization by the most advanced pharmaceutical, electronic, testing and manufacturing industries across the globe. Metalspace Buildcon has emerged to be a leader in its segment as the best prefab clean rooms supplier in India and with a vast span of expertise, the company and its in-house team of experts support your projects right from initial design inception to the final stages of delivery and maintenance as well.       

Clean Room Features

Metalspace Buildcon’s expertise, heritage, vision and mission are defined by an unhindered passion and verve for technology excellence and we have manufactured prefab clean buildings in India for prestigious clients. We deliver these enclosures with very low contamination levels and fully integrated composite sandwich insulation panels in order to be exceptionally hygienic and energy efficiency as well. Some of the top features of Metalspace Buildcon clean rooms include –    

  • 100% leakproof buildings   
  • Best temperature retention capabilities
  • Free from humidity and corrosion risks   
  • Enhanced performance flexibility   
  • Water resistant buildings safe for all weathers   
  • Environment friendly operations  
  • Lightweight to be portable   
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for clinical level sterility     
  • Superior finishing properties
  • Seismic resistant and corrosion proof   
  • Rigid frame structures for added stability   

Clean Room Application Areas

The application areas of prefabricated clean room vary ad wherever there rises a requisite for sterile conduct of testing, production or medical science related operation, it is vital to employ the excellent services from prefabricated clean building structures in India. The level of precision manufacturing involve with the manufacture of clean rooms is high in order to maintain strict tolerances and this makes them safe for use as the following –        

  • Medical equipment storge
  • Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronic gadgets assembly        
  • Food processing and packaging industry       
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